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The highest-paid payer CFOs in 2021

She was also given just over $36 million in option awards and $456,236 in non-equity incentive plan compensation. We are committed to understanding your company culture, needs, and financial goals to fulfill and facilitate the CFO hiring process. We have hundreds of top-talent connections and a tireless attention to detail that helps companies find the right CFO in a fraction of the time without significant company disruptions. Considering the experience required of the role as well as the hefty job responsibilities, compensation for CFOs needs to be competitive. Geographic location and experience, for instance, are two significant factors that will impact the overall salary of your CFO. Perks, benefits, and other compensation avenues are other important elements to keep in mind when determining a suitable salary.

highest paid cfo

His non-equity incentive plan compensation totaled $300,000, while his “other” compensation was just $4,549. He was also given $8,928,958 in restricted stock awards and $749,997 in option awards. His non-equity incentive plan compensation totaled $3,975,043, and his “other” compensation equaled $205,582. His compensation includes a salary of $800,000 per year and restricted stock awards totaling $9,339,750. He also received $1,464,000 in non-equity incentive plan compensation and “other” compensation of $1,007,050. His total compensation package in 2014 included a $519,500 salary and a $1,600,000 bonus.

Highest Paid CFOs-Nonprofit

Previously he was the EVP, CFO, and Director of Pennaco Energy and a natural resources investment banker focused on equity and debt financing and M&A advisory with Lehman Brothers, Dillons Read & Co. Before joining Williams Partners as the company’s CFO he spent 13 years in various regional chief financial officer roles with subsidiaries of General Electric. He most recently served as the chief financial officer of GE Security Americas. Before General Electric he spent nine years with Conoco, Inc. in various finance and operational roles. While the top 25 CEOs of 2014 earned between $35 million and $156 million, our list of CFOs took home slightly more modest compensation packages valued between $12 million and $73 million.

  • During his tenure as a chief financial officer, Rasulo played a pivotal role in driving Disney’s financial performance and growth.
  • Plenty of companies opt for an interim CFO service and take their time with the recruiting process.
  • In comparison, large-company CEOs received a bump of 13.5% for an average pay of $13.6 million.
  • So it makes sense to offer a CFO salary that matches this responsibility.
  • Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) play a critical role in a company’s financial success.

His monetary awards also included a non-equity incentive plan worth $5,541,892 and “other” compensation valued at $3,285,263. Tanner was awarded a salary of $884,311 with restricted stock awards of $3,240,119 and non-equity incentive plan compensation valued at $4,350,640. CFOs for private companies with $21-$99MM in annual revenue make an average of $237,983 in base salary. (Private company CFOs make 45% less than those at public companies.) Tack on benefits and bonus and you can expect to pay $225,000 to $275,000 depending on business size. Noto’s massive compensation package makes him the highest-paid CFO on our list. While he collected a salary of just $124,038, he also received restricted stock awards of $63,075,000 and option awards of $9,545,000.

Chief Financial Officer Pay Difference by Location

Those within the bottom 25th percentile should expect to earn $375,642 per year, and those within the 75th percentile should expect to earn $792,957 per year. Additional CFO benefits include Social Security, 401(k), disability, healthcare, pension, and time off. The value of these benefits and perks for the average CFO is about 20% of total compensation.

Do CFOs make good CEOs?

There is no reason why a CFO would not make an excellent CEO. In fact, the CFO-to-CEO transition could be a huge success, if certain factors are taken into consideration. First, CFOs need to ensure that they get organizational experience outside of finance.

The lowest percentage of respondents reported salaries of $287,408, and the highest reported salaries of $1,185,865. CFOs may administer finance-related departments, such as accounting, budgeting, auditing and compliance. These individuals also work with outside lenders, investors, banks and other financial institutions. Other daily activities may include tracking revenues and expenses, analyzing financial data and organizing budgets. Different parts of the country have different levels of demand, a different saturation of Fortune 500 or bigger businesses and generally higher salaries for executives. Larger companies and Fortune 500 companies are steeply competitive.

of healthcare’s highest-paid CFOs

Unlike the complex salary, bonus, and stock structures of many other CFOs on our list, Kane received just two awards. His first was a simple salary of $10,000 and the second was access to $15,000,000 in restricted stock. In 2014, Twitter CFO Anthony Noto was the highest-paid CFO with a total compensation package worth $72.8 million. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) play a critical role in a company’s financial success. They oversee the company’s strategic and financial operations and accordingly devise strategies to ensure its long-term growth and stability. At the same time, given their importance, CFOs are also some of the highest-paid executives in the business world.

  • He also sits on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.
  • Our list does not offer any insight into vested shares that may have vested during the reporting period which could affect a CFOs real dollar earnings.
  • Bornstein’s compensation in 2014 included $1,450,000 in salary and a bonus of $2,400,000.
  • Our numbers are based on the publicly disclosed total compensation packages awarded to CFO’s for the full year ending December 31, 2014.
  • He also received $1,464,000 in non-equity incentive plan compensation and “other” compensation of $1,007,050.

Patrick Pichette is a renowned business leader who is currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Google’s parent company– Alphabet Inc. With over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, Pichette has made significant contributions to some of the world’s leading companies as principal accounting officer. Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern’s total compensation package in 2022 was a relatively modest $1.1 million, but that followed his close to $300 million award in 2021. “The numbers show that in 2022 about two-thirds of the top executives at S&P 500 companies ended the year with smaller pay packages than they were awarded, at least on paper,” the story said.

What Is the Average Salary for a CFO Working for a Non-Profit?

According to, the median CEO salary was $822,300 in September 2020. The lowest annual salary reported was $574,446, and the highest reported was $2,546,162. An emerging field for qualified accountants is to become a virtual chief financial officer (vCFO). This is an off-site position that gives you location independence, with the same role and title as a traditional executive. CMAs are particularly well-positioned to be high-powered players in the c-suite.

The majority of Maestri’s compensation is in the form of stock incentives, which were worth over $21 million in 2020. His total compensation for 2020, including retirement benefits and other compensation, was worth $26,253,270. According to the median base salary for a CFO in the United States is $362,030, and the median total compensation package (including bonus, healthcare, and retirement) is $506,386. His big payday arrived in the form of restricted stock worth $14,399,269 and non-equity incentive plan compensation valued at $284,562. He joined the company as its executive vice president and chief financial officer in 1997.

His “other” compensation was listed by the company to be worth $342,292. A large majority of Warren Jr.’s salary was made up of restricted stock awards, which totaled $17,051,968. He was also awarded a base salary of $600,000, a bonus of $600,000, and “other” compensation worth $10,400. He also received restricted stock awards of $2,813,080 and option awards totaling $9,327,427.

Can CFO be higher than CEO?

The CEO is the highest-ranking role in the organization. CEOs and CFOs are not equal in the organizational hierarchy, despite both having 'Chief' in their titles. Generally, the CEO reports to the board of directors, whereas the CFO reports to the CEO.

He was also the chief financial officer of Citibank’s South East Asia Pacific region. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 highest-paid CFOs in the world in 2023– highlighting their responsibilities and contributions. Also, to satisfy your curiosity about how much a CFO makes, we will discuss their pay and other compensation benefits.

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